Project-JK Highlights 7
Slickrock Jeep Trail – The Ladder

The Slickrock Jeep Trail is located about two hours south of South Lake Tahoe, just off HWY 4 and near to the town of Bear Valley.  Starting at Lake Alpine, Slickrock makes its way across the Stanislaus National Forest and ends over at the beautiful Utica Reservoir.  The scenery is gorgeous in this area and there are lots of fun obstacles to play on along the way.  In this short Project-JK Video Highlight, you will see four Jeep JK Wranglers climb up and out of the last major obstacle which is often referred to as “the Ladder”.

Project-JK Highlight YouTube Video 7: Slickrock Jeep Trail – The Ladder

If you would like to see tons of photos from this trip, simply click on the link below:

Project-JK Slickrock & Deer Valley Trail Run Photo Gallery

Be sure to check back again soon as we will be posting up more Project-JK YouTube Video Highlights on a regular basis.

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  1. As a new Jeep owner, I find these videos amazingly inspirational. The lists of mods for each Jeep are KEY!!!

    Keep up the good work!

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