PACIFIC NORTHWEST : The 2014 JK-Experience
Funny Rocks & Moon Rocks [Part 2 of 4]

Day 3 of the JK-Experience took us up into the Wenatchee National Forest and onto the Naches Basin OHV Trail System. Our destination of the day was two off-road playgrounds up on top of Manastash Ridge and the first of which is an area known as Funny Rocks. Similar to what you’d find out in Moab, the slick rock surface offers a lot of traction and there are some big ledges you can take on. The other playground is known as the Moon Rocks and I can only assume it gets it’s name from the craggy terrain that makes it feel as if you really are wheeling on the Moon. It would be here that we would really put our Jeep JK Wranglers to the test and a couple of us would have to leave with a few new battle scars.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our presentation and that you’ll come back for more.

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