PACIFIC NORTHWEST : The 2014 JK-Experience
Elbe Hills [Part 3 of 4]

Our 4th day of the JK-Experience would start off with a trek to the west, over the Cascade Range, through the Mt. Rainier National Forest and down to a part of Washington that is famous for its deep ruts and menacing mud trenches – the Elbe Hills ORV Area. Named after a creek that runs through a part of it, the Busy Wild would be our trail for the day and it is without question the toughest of the 8 that make up the area. After finishing up the trail, we headed west to Silver Lake which is just west of the town of Eatonville and setup camp for the night.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our presentation and that you’ll come back for more.

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  1. do you guys have a jk in santa clarita california. Theres one that looks exactly like your project rig, but it has an ARB front diff. Offroad evo and wafalife stickers on it too

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