MOAB : Pilgrimage to the Promised Land
Part 6 of 6 (Behind the Rocks Jeep Trail)

Episode 6 of MOAB : Pilgrimage to the Promised Land is the last in the series and in it, we decide to go against our better judgment, throw caution to the wind and take on one of the most challenging trails in the Moab area – Behind the Rocks. With over 20 Jeeps along for the run, this would be the biggest group we’ve had with us all week and you’ll get to see us take on imposing obstacles such as Guardian Hill, High Dive and Upchuck. About halfway through the trail, our group will only be about half as big as many decide to play it safe and head back to town. For the ones who remained, you’ll get to see them spin their tires to the top of Hummer Hill, have fun rolling down the Rollercoaster and conquer their fears as they take the plunge off of the intimidating, White Knuckle Hill. We hope that you’ll enjoy this final installment of our 6 part video series and, we’ll hope to see you in Moab!

MOAB : Pilgrimage to the Promised Land
Part 6 of 6 (Behind the Rocks Jeep Trail)


  1. I remember when the videos began… WOW what a difference between then and now. I’m telling you, you need to put these on dvd and people will buy them. I would.

  2. Awesome work on the videos!!! I cant wait to make my own “Pilgrimage to the Promised Land”.. Gotta alot of work to do to my rig first!!!

  3. nice work on the videos WOL. i have some work to do before next years trip!!! also way to go TOAD!!

  4. Just watched all 6 episodes of the most recent Moab trip. Beautiful video! Great footage, showing fun times, impressive skill and the comraderie that made me want a Jeep in the first place. Wel Done!

  5. hey everyone! loved the videos!! i cant wait until i can get out on the trail..i have a question for you jk owners: what engines do you run? im getting ready to install a ram hemi in a 09 jk rubicon..what are your thoughts? thanks

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