JKS Manufacturing Eliminates Track Bar Failures
on 2007+ Jeep JK Wranglers

Rear Trackbar Brace reinforces weak factory mounting bracket on 2007+ Jeep Wrangler models

Alliance, NE – August 2008: JKS Manufacturing has just released a highly effective and economical solution to a problem that has plagued many owners of the current Jeep Wrangler. The problem involves the factory track bar mount on the rear axle housing. Vehicle owners and industry specialists have reported an alarming number of rear track bar failures due to insufficient bracing of the factory mount. Most failures occur after the vehicle has been lifted, especially when aftermarket extension brackets are involved. However, some have even experienced failure on stock applications.

When failure occurs, the vehicle is rendered unsafe to drive and must be repaired before it can be safely operated. In most cases, the problem is not covered by the factory warranty and complete axle housing replacement is the only solution offered by dealerships. Unfortunately, this does nothing to correct the original problem which is bound to reoccur unless more effective measures are taken.

JKS developed the Rear Trackbar Brace to provide Jeep owners with a permanent solution to this problem. Constructed of high strength 7-guage steel that has been precision cut and formed using CNC equipment, the Rear Trackbar Brace fits perfectly over the factory mount. The heavy duty design connects the factory track bar mount to the axle with 45-degree reinforcement wings. This triangulates the mounting configuration to resist lateral track bar forces that would otherwise tear the weak factory mount from the axle.

For additional strength, the Rear Trackbar Brace wraps under the axle housing and attaches on the opposite side. This not only distributes track bar forces over a greater area, but also provides a smooth, snag-free surface to slide over obstacles. Furthermore, during installation it eliminates the need for awkward overhead welding and improves weld penetration. The Rear Trackbar Brace is compatible with most track bars, extension brackets and lift kits. Installation requires welding.

PN OGS169 fits 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK, OE rear axle housing

Jim Nollette, JKS Manufacturing
(308) 762-6949 / orders@jksmfg.com



  1. The write up about track bar failures on 2007+ JK Wranglers has me a little uneasy. I own a 2007 Sahara and my kids are along for the ride a lot. Does anyone have input on this?

  2. if you install a lift with a track bar relocation bracket that attaches to the axle as opposed to the frame, enough leverage can be placed on it to cause a failure. if you are still stock, you should be fine and if you are lifting your jeep, just make sure to install a reinforced bracket like this and you should be good to go.

  3. I have a 2007 JK Rubicon, with a 4″ pro-comp lift kit. I recently did the Dusy-Ershim trail, in the Sierra Mountains California. about 3/4 the way through I broke this exact bracket you are talking about,my question is,will this after market bracket work with the pro-comp lift kit, if so I would like to purchase one. Please respond as to where I can purchase one.
    Thank You, Kenny

  4. I broke the stock bracket on my 07 Rubicon with a 3 inch black diamond lift. I was leaving Tahoe on memorial day weekend and the piece broke outside of Truckee. I could feel the part about to brake because the back of the jeep felt real loose going around the corners and I couldnt figure out what was wrong untill to late. I limped the jeep home for two and a half more hours after it broke. The worse drive in my life. I had a friend build a bomb proof one when I got home. I would never trust the factory one replace it right away, Or it will kill some one. I just hope nothing else on the jeep was built with such poor craftsman ship as that cheap ass piece….. other wise I love my Rubicon…

  5. I broke this Track bar weld twice, I have the 2.5 Skycrapper lift and finally I took matters into my own hands. I redesigned the the bracket using a thicker metal to the exact specifications and rewelded it – and have not had a problem since. I have the 2007 Rubicon Unlimited. The new bracket has been through 2 Jeep Jams and a few Jeep Club rallies – so far so good.

  6. I have a 2009 Rubicon unlimited, and i am about to install a 3″ Black Diamond lift and 35″s. do you know if the manufacturer corrected this form my model year?

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