SEMA 2006

The Best of Bestop

November 17th, 2006

Included in Bestop's line-up were the kind things I had expected to see like your standard Bikini Top, Windjammer and Duster Cover, but much to my surprise, they also had things like their new electric AMP Research Power Steps, very cool Element Door System, front and rear Highrock 4x4 bumpers, a sweet 2-piece hard top, overhead console and a well needed trunk on display as well. Basically, everything a Jeeper could want and/or would need for their brand new Jeep JK Wrangler.

Tuffy 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
Security Console Insert & Security Drawer

November 15th, 2006

One of the things we all love about owning a Jeep is the freedom that we have being able to drive it topless and doorless. Needless to say, one of the things that thieves love about Jeeps is the fact that the people who drive them often do so topless and doorless. Well, fortunately for us, Tuffy Security Products has been providing Jeep owners with lockable high quality and extremely durable steel center consoles, overhead consoles, console inserts, trunks, drawers and more for years. And, now that the new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler has been released, Tuffy is once again stepping up to the plate and making the kind of products we need to keep our valuables safe.

SEMA 2006 - Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Mentions

November 08th, 2006

With a Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited sitting on top of 6" Long Arm Suspension System and 39.5" tires, TeraFlex clearly had the biggest JK on display at SEMA 2006. But, in addition to this monstrous lift, TeraFlex also had four other suspension systems available for the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler including a 2.5" Performance Boost, a 3" Suspension Kit and two variations of 4" Suspension Kits.

SEMA 2006 - Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Mentions
Full Traction

November 08th, 2006

For SEMA 2006, Full Traction had a total of five different lift kits available for the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler including a 2" ECONO Lift, 3" Economy Suspension System, 3" PREMIUM Suspension System, 3" ULTIMATE Suspension System and a 4" ULTIMATE Suspension System. And, with a total of seven Jeep JK Wranglers sitting on top of one of these suspension systems, Full Traction was able to grab the title for having the most products on display at the show.

SEMA 2006 - Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Mentions

November 07th, 2006

Even though Rancho only had one Jeep JK Wrangler on display at SEMA 2006, it was without question the one Jeep JK Wrangler that everyone was talking about.

SEMA 2006 - Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Mentions
Donahoe Racing

November 06th, 2006

Seeing Donahoe Racing at SEMA 2006 wasn't so much of a surprise but seeing them there with a 5" lifted Stone White Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited definitely was. Make no mistake, Donahoe Racing is no rookie when it comes to developing high end off-road suspension products, but this JK was most certainly the first time that they've made a stab at the Jeep industry in quite some time. However, after looking at what they came up with, you'd never know it.

Post 2006 SEMA Show Recap

November 06th, 2006

With over 34 Jeep JK Wranglers hooked up, modified and on display by manufacturers such as Full Traction, PUREJEEP, Superior Axle & Gear, TeraFlex, Bestop, Toyo Tires, Donahoe Racing, Rancho, Skunkwerks, AEV, Bestop, Tuffy, Skyjacker, Bushwacker, Superlift, WARN, Rubicon Express, Ramsey Winches, Avenger Superchargers, Kilby Enterprises, Warrior Products, Burnsville Off Road and a few more that I'm probably missing, I'd have to say that this year's SEMA Show was by far one of the very best that I've had a chance to attend.

SEMA 2006 - Day 4

November 03rd, 2006

Well it's the 4th and final day of SEMA 2006 and unfortunately, I've just barely had a chance to scratch the suface of all the things I've wanted to see at this amazing show. No joke, this place is just so ridiculously HUGE, I think you'd need something closer to two weeks or more to cover it thoroughly.

SEMA 2006 - Day 3

November 02nd, 2006

Man am I ever exhausted! Okay, it's Day 3 at SEMA 2006 and I'm pretty sure I've found and taken photographs of just about every single Jeep JK Wrangler there is here at the show. In fact, for those of you who haven't been checking on a regular basis, I've just uploaded another 60 or so photos into the Day 2 gallery this morning and you can see them by clicking on the banner above.

SEMA 2006 - Day 2

November 01st, 2006

Anyway, if you visit the SEMA photo gallery now, you should find 395 new photos posted in Day 1. Also, I just uploaded a few teaser pics of what you can expect to see later on today.

SEMA 2006 - Day 1

October 31st, 2006

Hey everyone, it's day one of SEMA 2006 and it's absolutely nuts here. But then, when isn't it, right? Anyway, I just got done walking about half the Off-Road hall and took a quick spin through Wheels & Tires to see the MOPAR display all I can say is WOW!! No joke, there are way more decked out JK's here than even I thought there would be and most are simply drop dead gorgeous.

It’s SEMA Time!!

October 30th, 2006

Yes boys and girls, it is that time of year again and as always, you can be sure that the 2006 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be filled with to the brim with a who's who list of aftermarket manufactures and all the new goodies they'll be releasing for the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler. Without a doubt, this is the show you definitely want to go to.